Escort Boats


Basic Escort Requirements:
1. Power boats and powered sailboats are suitable. Recommended hull length greater than 18 feet. Boat and captain should be able to handle, and be self sufficient in, open-water conditions up to 20 knots.
2. Escort boats must be licensed, insured for liability and be equipped with all safety equipment required by law.
3. Escort boats must be equipped with a VHF radio in working condition and carry an appropriate navigation device (GPS).
4. Captains must have a valid pleasure craft operator card and have experience on Lake Ontario.
5. Escort boats must have one spotter in addition to the captain.
6. Boat must be able to accommodate driver, spotter and paddler (up to three paddlers for a relay team), as well as the paddleboard.


Boat captains should attend the check-in/social in Port Dalhousie the evening before the race. Boats are required to be in the start-line waiting area by 6:30 AM on race day. Please plan accordingly. Captains must be confirmed in the waiting area before paddler can move to the start line.
Mooring is available in Port Dalhousie (reservations are recommended).


Each paddler and relay team is responsible for finding and retaining an escort boat that meets safety standards. Cost will vary based on each paddler’s arrangement with their driver.
If you know of other boats/drivers that would like to participate in this event, please contact us.
If you are having trouble finding an escort boat, we are maintaining a (limited) list of potential boat captains that will be made available to registered paddlers, with first priority to those coming in from out of town. Alternatively, you can connect with the community through Facebook.
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Photo: Warren Won