Eventbrite - Lake Ontario Crossing 2018

Entrants will be asked to submit some paddling history that demonstrates an ability to paddle at a pace of 8:30/km or faster for an extended period and an ability to paddle in rough water. Various athletic achievements will also be noted. This is not meant to (and likely won’t) deter entries, but to reinforce that this is a serious open-water crossing not to be taken lightly.


Entrants are also responsible for retaining an escort boat (one escort boat per paddler/relay team).
Marinas and yacht clubs on the Niagara side are a good place to look for boats. Fishing charters in the region have also provided support in the past. Power boats and powered sailboats are suitable, with a recommended hull length greater than 18 feet. Boat and captain should be able to handle open-water conditions up to 18 knots.
We will be maintaining a limited list of escort boat contacts, with first priority given to out-of-town paddlers, but this is still your responsibility (promise though – we’re already working on it!).
Boat captains looking for more information can be directed to the escort boat page.



Evening before race – Check-in for paddlers, escort boat captains and support crew at Pier 61 Bar & Grill, Port Dalhouise
Race day: 5:30 am – Check-in/safety check begins at the start area
6:00 am – Sunrise
6:30 am – Escort boats should be loaded on the water
6:45 am – Racers meeting
7:00 am – Start
1:00 pm – First paddlers expected to finish
3:00 pm – Flexible cutoff time (could change based on conditions)
Food and awards to follow